Eyelid Tumors, Eyelid Cancer and Mohs Surgery

Eyelid Tumor Diagnosis

Eyelid tumors are common. They can be benign or malignant (eyelid cancer). Eyelid tumors are diagnosed with an eyelid biopsy. Dr. Palu performs these eyelid biopsies in the office.

Benign Eyelid Tumors

Benign eyelid tumors may require eyelid repair after they are removed. Dr. Palu removes these tumors and repairs the eyelids, often under local anesthesia in the office.

Malignant Eyelid Tumors (Eyelid Cancer)

Basal cell carcinoma is a common skin cancer. It often occurs in the eyelids, especially the lower eyelids. Treatments include Mohs surgery and frozen section surgery to remove the tumor and its roots. Squamous cell carcinoma is another type of eyelid skin cancer. It can be treated in a similar fashion. Melanoma also occurs in the eyelids. Surgical excision is followed by eyelid reconstruction. Dr. Palu treats patients with basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma and other malignant eyelid tumors, including sebaceous cell carcinoma and skin cancers extending from the nose, temple, forehead and cheek areas. Dr. Palu also works in concert with Mohs surgeons where he repairs the eyelids and surrounding areas after Mohs surgery.

Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid reconstruction is often needed following tumor removal to restore the function and the appearance of the eyelid and surrounding area. Some repairs may include skin grafts, flaps, tissue advancement, eyelid margin repair, and canthoplasty or canthopexy. Dr. Palu is specially trained to perform this delicate and nuanced surgery, which often requires repair of many of the seven layers of the upper eyelid and the four layers of the lower eyelid. Dr. Palu performs this surgery with particular attention to protecting the eye, restoring eyelid function and preserving or restoring eyelid appearance for the optimal cosmetic and functional result.

Dr. Palu also reconstructs the eyelids and surrounding areas after Mohs surgery.

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