Only Happy Tears In The New Year

Evaluation and Treatment of Tearing New York, NYMany human emotions are accompanied by tears. Our eyes may water up when we watch a sad movie, or we may have a few delicate drops fall down our cheeks in moments of utter joy. For some people, though, tears cascade from their eyes without reason or notice, and sometimes, even without an end in sight. Excessive tearing is often a sign that something is amiss with your eyes, and we recommend that you meet with Dr. Palu for evaluation and treatment of your tearing.

Why Do We Have Tears?

Tears serve many purposes, such as keeping our eyes lubricated and free of dust and other particles. Most of us think of tears as those little-elongated drops that slowly accumulate in the corners of our eyes and cascade down our faces, but tears are quite complex. Glands in your eyes secrete several substances to keep your eyes healthy, such as:

  • Mucus to help evenly coat the eye
  • Water to keep the eyes moist
  • Proteins and antibodies to fend off infections
  • Oils to provide lubrication

Tear drops develop when the glands secrete more of these substances that your eye can hold, either in response to a foreign substance in the eye or the messages from our brains that are triggered by emotions.

What Causes Excessive Tearing?

Normal tearing occurs when a gland releases a fluid that stimulates your eye to blink. The movement of your eyelids distributes the tears over the eyes, and gravity moves the tears downward. The tears then collect in a tear duct to be drained from the eye. Excessive tearing occurs when the tear ducts are overwhelmed by tears, and the surplus flows out of the eye. In most cases, there is a problem with the tear ducts, eyes, eyelids or composition of your tears, and Dr. Palu offers treatments for these types of conditions.

Learn More About Treatments for Excessive Tearing. Contact Dr. Richard N. Palu.

To learn more about treatments for excessive tearing, cosmetic eyelid surgery, trauma care and our other services, contact Dr. Richard N. Palu. Our New York offices are conveniently located on Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, and we also have an office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. You can contact us directly at (212) 213-2002.

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