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Eyelid Tumors, Eyelid Cncer and Mohs Surgery New York, NYMoh’s surgery is an advanced surgical technique that is used for removing cancerous growths. The approach offers many benefits compared to other surgical techniques, such as higher cure rates and minimal scarring. Reconstruction after the procedure may be recommended to further enhance the cosmetic and functional results of the procedure.

What is Moh’s Surgery?

Skin cancer can be removed several ways. One of the most common methods is to make an incision around the growth that includes a margin of healthy tissue. This may result in a relatively large and deep wound in the skin. Moh’s involves removing layers of tissue and examining the sample of cancerous cells. The surgeon continues to remove layers until the tissue is free of cancerous cells. Moh’s surgery allows the surgeon to minimize the amount of tissue that is removed as part of the skin cancer treatment.

Why is Eyelid Reconstruction Recommended After Moh’s Surgery?

Although a Moh’s surgeon takes great care to remove the smallest amount of tissue necessary, any surgery will affect the aesthetics of the area. Additionally, if the skin cancer occurs in a location that requires continuous movement, such as using the eyelids to blink, reconstruction helps maintain functionality.

How is Eyelid Reconstruction Performed?

Dr. Palu specializes in many techniques for eyelid reconstruction after Moh’s surgery. He may:

  • Use grafts and flaps to replace tissue
  • Repair the margin of the eyelid for a more natural shape
  • Perform tissue advancements
  • Surgically repair and modify the tendons

When Should I Have Eyelid Reconstruction?

Dr. Palu works closely with your Moh’s surgeon to determine the best time for reconstruction. You may have the eyelid reconstructed shortly after the procedure to remove the skin cancer, or the tissues may need time to heal before the reconstruction.

Learn More About Eyelid Reconstruction After Moh’s Surgery. Contact Dr. Richard N. Palu.

Although Moh’s surgery results in the smallest possible scarring, you may still need eyelid reconstruction. To learn more about reconstructive surgery, orbital disease treatment, tearing disorders and our other services, contact Dr. Richard N. Palu. Our New York offices are conveniently located on Park Avenue and Madison Avenue, and we also have an office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. You can contact us directly at (212) 213-2002.

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