Football Season is Here: The Importance of Wearing Protective Eyewear

Eye care services New York City, NYWith football season in full swing, it can seem like there’s a college, professional, or even local high school game virtually every night of the week. If you are lucky enough to get to play football for fun or even professionally, you know just how important having the proper gear can be. Can you imagine getting on the field without your pads and helmet? Although it would make you a bit faster, it would put you at a higher risk of injury. And even though basic gear is required by most, if not all, leagues, there’s some gear that most players don’t even think about: protective eye gear.

No, you don’t need to walk into practice or onto the field wearing a fishbowl over your head to protect your eyes and face from injury. However, we do encourage football and other ballplayers to invest in some protective eyewear to avoid surgery and eye injury.

How many black eyes have you had from playing a game of football? Is it too many to count on one hand? Sports grade protective eyewear can shield your eyes from a variety of different things including injury, infection, or sudden impact to the eye which can cause things like a black eye. Although a black eye may seem like something, you can shrug off, if the impact was hard enough, it could result in permanent eye and nerve damage— potentially leaving you needing eye surgery from Dr. Richard Palu later on.

The last thing you want to do when choosing protective sports grade eyewear is grabbed a cheap pair that lowers your ability to see— after all, this will just cause more injuries than preventing them. Make sure that you not only get an ophthalmologist recommended the brand but that they fit your face and cover your eyes properly.

If you’re spending less time on the sidelines and more time in the game this season, make sure that you are taking proper care of your eyes. Want to learn more about eye care and potential surgical options? Contact Dr. Richard Palu today at one of our New York City locations.

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